Boulevard Baptist Church

Theme Verse:       “Striving side by side for the faith of the gospel.”
                               Philippians 1:27 (ESV)

Identity Statement {Who we are}:
Boulevard Baptist Church is a family of born-again believers in Jesus Christ who have placed themselves under Christ’s authority as revealed in God’s Word (the Bible) as they seek to be Christ’s hands and feet within the community out of love for God and others, remaining committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ, regardless of the cost, while empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Mission Statement {What we do}:
Boulevard Baptist Church exists to create disciples of Jesus Christ who out of love are conformed into His likeness through corporate and individual worship, prayer, obedience to His commands and example as given in Scripture so as to grow and mature in their relationship with Him, ministering to others in His name, which compels them to acknowledge His worth and to share the gospel with others, producing other disciples who will do likewise.

Vision Statement {How we do it}:
*Exalt the Savior
*Equip the Saints
*Evangelize the Lost
*Encourage the Body
*Engage the Community


Making Much of Jesus