Boulevard Baptist Church

Marty Taylor, Instrumentalist

Nickname:  Marty

Hometown/Birthplace:  Memphis
3 daughters--Allison, Christy and Bethany, 3 grandsons--Taylor, Samuel and Caleb, 1 granddaughter--Ella
Education:  Graduated from Messick High School, Union University and have 1 yr of a 2 yr Masters of Social Work Degree.
Testimony:  I grew up in a Christian family and accepted Christ as my savior when I was 8 yrs old. I have never doubted my salvation and for the most part have tried to live according to the directions I receive from the Lord. Through the illness and death of my husband, Tom, the Lord has sustained me and given me wisdom and strength to face the challenges He has for me.
Favorite Verses:  I Corinthians 10: 13 and Jeremiah 29:11

Which Bible character (apart from Christ) has impacted your lift most: 
Perhaps Peter because of his impetuous nature that I can identify with and his willingness to repent and follow his Lord.
What do you enjoy most about Boulevard Baptist Church: I enjoy the warmth of the Blvd church family. Also the music programs

What is your favorite movie: 
Dr. Zhivago
What is your favorite sport and teams:  I'm not a particularly avid sports fan though I love basketball and have enjoyed watching U of Memphis in March Madness Guess that won't happen this yr. Will enjoy the winter Olympics

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