Boulevard Baptist Church

Barbara Bierbrodt, Nutritionist

Hometown/Birthplace:  Born and raised in Memphis. Moved to Desoto County 23 years ago.

Family:  I have been married to the same wonderful man, Ronnie, for 38 years. Have two sons, Steve and Justin; Daughter in law Heather; and two beautiful granddaughters Natalie and Laura.
Education:  Graduated from Whitehaven High School and attended Business School.
Testimony:  The Lord blessed my family by leading us to a house across the street from LaBelle Haven Baptist Church. The pastor, Dr. D. M. Renick, had a heart for lost souls. At the age of eight he came to visit us and led me to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.  All through my life I have seen His loving hand guiding and protecting me. God has truly been gracious to me and my family.
Favorite Verse:  2 Timothy 1:14  Greatly desiring to see thee, being mindful of thy tears, that I may be filled with joy
Which Bible character (apart from Christ) has impacted your lift most:  Paul.  His writings are always a challenge to me to dig deeper into the scripture.
What do you enjoy most about Boulevard Baptist Church:  I love the closeness and friendliness of the congregation. If anyone has a need be it spiritual or physical everyone is there to help out. I also enjoy working with our awesome youth group.
What is your favorite movie:  Night at the Museum
What is your favorite sport and teams:  I love softball. Also, I enjoy going to Atlanta to see the Braves.


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